Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong

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Apr 20-Apr 25

Soho isn’t exactly the most romantic of spots in Hong Kong but who can deny sparks? Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong opens with Josh (Bryan Greenberg), a native New Yorker who has spent a decade working in the city’s finance sector, coming to the aid of Ruby (Jamie Chung), a Los Angeles-based toy designer in town on business, who finds herself lost and without a GPS. Ruby needs to get to LKF and Josh needs a breather, so they walk together. While it’s not exactly a direct route (the Cheung Kong Centre, Hong Kong Park and Garden Road are more than a little out of the way), the cinematography sparkles enough to forgive any geographical discrepancies. Once in LKF, the two share a drink before a misunderstanding (in the not-exactly-insignificant form of Josh having a girlfriend) leads to an awkward and abrupt farewell.

Fast forward a year later – Josh, who’s quit his corporate job and is working full-time on a semi-autobiographical novel, bumps into Ruby on the Star Ferry. She’s just moved to Hong Kong on a one-year work transfer. A walk to Mong Kok sets the scene for a series of meetings and walks, as our leads discover not just where their connection might lead but also the sights, sounds and smells of Hong Kong. And while the seeds of romance linger in the foreground of Emily Ting’s first turn as writer-director, Already Tomorrow is just as much about our two leads as it is an ode to the city that we call home.

Watch the movie at AMC Pacific Place until April 25.


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